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Transforming the flower industry

The flower industry is under pressure. Despite being a multi-billion dollar industry, there are no supply-chain standards, leading to major inefficiencies across the board.

At FlowerWatch, we want to transform the international flower industry with science-based, achievable, and measurable norms, so you can maximize quality and offer everyone the chance to have a bright bunch of flowers in their home. 

What's in the whitepaper?

In our whitepaper, we look at our sector’s systematic underperformance, identify root causes, and offer a new perspective on standardized quality and efficiency across the entire sector.

Read how our standards are enabling players in every link of the chain to offer systematic excellence – from growers and forwarders to airlines and retailers. Learn about scientific insights and innovations this transformation is based on, for example, our ‘500 degree hour norm’, or our packaging concept, with which users are shipping greater volumes with less waste.

Enabling data-driven decision-making

The whitepaper shows how our concept enables data-driven decision-making, and how training and accreditation are contributing to consistently high performance. This means that individual businesses – and our industry as a whole – can move beyond endless troubleshooting, and instead guarantee the highest quality standards across the board, with better flowers, less waste, and higher margins.

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Read our whitepaper, 'Setting a new standard in global floriculture', on how standardization is benefiting industry leaders.

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