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Transforming the flower industry

The flower industry is under pressure. Despite being a multi-billion dollar industry, there are no supply-chain standards, leading to major inefficiencies across the board.

At FlowerWatch, we want to change the international flower industry with science-based, achievable, and measurable norms, so you can maximize quality and offer everyone the chance to have a bright bunch of flowers in their home. 

What's in the whitepaper?

The FlowerWatch white paper is full of vital information about the current state of the flower industry, zoals the systematic underperformance rife Throughout the entire supply chain. But by highlighting FlowerWatch Quality Standards, we offer a new vision for the industry: one of standardization, efficiency, and quality across the board.

More than just words, with a number of key examples, including the 500-degree hour standard, our freight forwarder quality standard, and recent packaging innovations, we show the real and achievable steps needed to maximize your performance throughout your entire company. Plus, we explore FlowerWatch Monitoring , Training , Accreditation , and Business Growth in detail, showing the benefits of a subscription to FlowerWatch.  

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Find out how FlowerWatch Quality Standards are changing the game in our whitepaper, "Setting a New Standard in Global Floriculture. With stats, case studies, and examples, you can find out how to transform your company: 

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