Growers, here’s how you can ensure farm-to-florist excellence 

As a flower grower, you want to be sure the flowers you harvest and ship are of world-class quality. How can you be certain you and your staff are doing what it takes? What about ensuring that your flowers are treated right all the way down the supply chain? With FlowerWatch Approved, your farm will systematically reduce rejects, waste, quality claims, problems with specific cultivars and even freight issues. Costs will go down, while quality, margins and sustainability will go up.

Benefits of subscribing as a grower

As a grower, you depend not only on the knowledge, skills and practices of your farm teams, but also on the performance of every other player down the chain. Adopting and advocating the FlowerWatch Approved standards means your flowers will be in world-class condition not just when they leave your farm, but also when they reach their destination: in a flower shop, supermarket or storage center somewhere on the planet - and ultimately in the hands and home of a happy consumer. 

  • Best practices and accreditation for your farm based on years of science and experience
  • Achievable, measurable, and worthwhileKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) for every aspect of growing, cold chain, and supply chain management
  • Continuous flower quality monitoring at the destination, including vase life testing, with monthly reports for data-driven decision making 
  • Access to quality standards covering every possible leak in your production and supply chain
  • Our experts help to practically  implement solutions, with a science meets ‘boots on the ground’ approach
  • Instant find and fix solutions for unexpected quality or freight challenges
  • Training and support in implementing quality standards in your organization 
  • Benchmarking with the rest of your  industry 
  • Program based on confirmation of excellence, ensuring consistent, first-rate grower performance the whole year round

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Dependable practices for continuous excellence

In order to grow and ship excellent flowers, we help you and your farm teams to apply a range of tried and tested quality standards. All of these can be part of your FlowerWatch Approved subscription, helping you to stand out on the market by achieving continuous excellence.

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