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Our industry is ripe for transformation

Logistics in the flower industry have hardly changed in 50 years. To this day, this multi-billion dollar industry has no supply chain standards. Our research and experience confirm that practically every flower supply chain criss-crossing the globe is under-performing for lack of actionable quality standards. The good news: we now have the science, the technologies, and the data to transform the industry. Let’s start today with your company and supply chain. 

Find and fix every leak in the chain

For many years, our teams have been working on quality and continuous improvement with players in every link of the chain worldwide. From florists, retailers, and (e-)traders in Europe to importers, global freight forwarders, air and seafreight providers and growers in countries ranging from Kenya to Columbia. Whatever leak is causing loss of quality and margin, we’ll enable you to find and fix it. From farm practices to packaging, from ethylene sensitivity to cold chain management, from on-pallet time to long-term storage conditions.

Retailers, selling all your flowers is this simple

Quality and freshness problems cause many supermarkets to lose significant margins on their fresh flowers. Too often, the flower buckets they present to consumers contain products of mixed freshness and quality. In a market in which even one poor bunch can negatively impact overall sales, consistently high quality is essential – especially at peak times, such as around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Women’s Day. Practices like those followed by Kenya’s Red Lands Roses bring this standardized quality within reach of every retailer.

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From quick wins to long-term value in your supply chain, the FlowerWatch Approved program provides your company with a roadmap to sustainable success

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