Buyers, here’s how to be sure of world-class flowers 

As a professional flower buyer, you know from experience that the quality and vase life of the flowers you receive varies a lot. And the under-performers are holding our industry back. They level margins, put pressure on customer loyalty, and can lead to ruinous (online) reviews. With FlowerWatch Approved, you can leave these risks behind. Our continuous monitoring & quality improvement program means avoiding rejects, waste, and complaints, and offering flowers with a guaranteed vase life that will help your flower business to flourish.

Benefits of subscribing as a buyer

Whether you are a florist with your own brick-and-mortar shop, a franchise or an online platform, an importer serving other sellers, or a retailer, working with FlowerWatch will give you the assurance that your customers are getting the quality they expect from you. 

  • Guaranteeable quality & vase life and accreditation
  • Achievable, measurable, and worthwhile Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for products, cold chain, and supply chain management
  • Continuous flower quality monitoring, with monthly reports for data-driven decision making 
  • Access to quality standards covering every possible leak in your supply chain, from your shopfront right back to the growers
  • Help in implementing quality standards in your organization and supply chain
  • Vase-life testing with (video) reports and a 'certificate of good behavior'
  • Benchmarking with the rest of your chain/industry 
  • Program based on confirmation of excellence, ensuring consistent, first-rate performance the whole year round

Dependable monitoring methods for confirming your excellence

In order to confirm the excellence of your flowers, we apply five tried and tested methods. All of these services can be part of your FlowerWatch Approved subscription.

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Quality Controls

Performed on location at your sites, our Quality Controls are tailored to your specifications.

The results are compared with the benchmark FlowerWatch Quality Standards. This means you will be able to recognize the inefficiencies that hinder your growth - as well as identifying changes and new tools you need to improve. You can access the QC results in your own database environment, which includes a user-friendly dashboard for quick-and-easy insight into every aspect of your supply chain performance

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Cold Chain Analysis

With graphic overviews, optional airplane-proof tracking systems, and your own service platform, our Cold Chain Analyzes will help you pinpoint every weakness in your cold chain, all the way from farm to florist.

We work with a Score Card, highlighting the hotspots on route, and letting you know exactly where and how you can enhance your cold chain. Our analyzes are based on the 500-degree hour norm that underpins the FlowerWatch Quality Standards, a proposed industry standard that guarantees longer vase-life and is based on extensive scientific and field research.

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Vase-Life Tests

Our Vase-Life Tests are a reliable and highly compelling way of visualizing the results of supply chain performance. Using our high-quality chain simulation models, including vase-life videos, you can gauge how each specific link in your chain affects the vase-life of your flowers. With access to your own database, you can use the exhaustive data we collect to reach a higher level of performance - and thereby increase and guarantee vase-life. As a subscriber, you receive vase-life videos and reports every four weeks. 

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Packaging life cycle analyses

Analyze your packaging all through the supply chain, learn how your packaging can be better, more efficient, and more sustainable - and how it can be optimized to servce your new online markets

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Facility audits

By examining every facility in your supply chain, we can ensure ongoing optimal performance. Think, for example, of pack houses, cold rooms, airport facilities, and so on. The performance of each facility is benchmarked against our detailed FlowerWatch Quality Standards, showing you how standardization will improve your supply chain performance. And with our zero-point measurement, you will have a clear starting point. With that, you can begin to upgrade your supply chain straight away. Many of our customers soon discover that relatively simple measures can have a huge overall impact.

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