Logistics providers, here’s how you can ensure farm-to-florist excellence 

As a logistics provider serving the flower industry, you play a crucial role in ensuring the flowers you ship arrive at their destination in perfect shape. In fact, much of the quality and margin losses characteristic of today’s flower business are incurred en route from farm to florist. With FlowerWatch Approved, you can change the game. This quality assurance program enables you to offer top-notch cold chain and supply chain management, benefiting not only your own business, but also those of others up and down the chain.

Benefits for freight forwarders, packaging suppliers, airlines, and ocean freighters

Whether your specialty is freight forwarding, supplying packaging, air freight, sea freight, or storage and transshipment, subscribing to the FlowerWatch certification program will give you the assurance that the flowers you handle are as healthy and fresh on delivery as they were on receipt. 

  • Best practices and accreditation for your services based on years of science and global experience
  • Achievable, measurable, and worthwhile Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for every aspect of your services
  • Continuous temperature and quality monitoring, with monthly reports for data-driven decision making 
  • Access to quality standards covering every possible leak in your part of the supply chain
  • Training and support in implementing quality standards in your organization, for instance regarding cold  chain management or packaging
  • Our experts help to practically  implement solutions, with a science meets ‘boots on the ground’ approach
  • Benchmarking with the rest of your industry 
  • Program based on confirmation of excellence, ensuring consistent, first-rate performance the whole year round

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Dependable practices for continuous excellence

In order for you to contribute to the global delivery of consistently excellent flowers, we help you and your teams to apply a range of tried and tested quality standards. All of these can be part of your FlowerWatch Approved subscription, helping you to stand out on the market by achieving continuous excellence.

Pioneers in sea freight for the flower industry

  • In our work with growers, freight forwarders, retailers, and florists worldwide, we have found and implemented solutions for many, if not all, of today’s most pressing challenges in our industry
  • We have extensive experience and offer high-impact solutions in cold storage, packaging and pack rates, cold chain management, and supply chain management. 
  • With today’s pressure on air freight capacity and cost, we are successfully pioneering sea freight as a viable, sustainable solution for global flower supply chains.
  • While every player can try it out themselves, our experts brings you there faster, with less risk, and offer consistently better results  

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