Our Philosophy

Let’s make your business more resilient and futureproof

Today’s flower industry faces many different challenges. From the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on air freight capacity to longer storage times due to supply chain hiccups, from quality fluctuations to the consumer shift towards online purchasing. At FlowerWatch, we know from experience that we have the science, the data and the instruments to overcome these obstacles. Together,  we can make your supply chain and our industry more professional, resilient and futureproof. 

Science meets business in FlowerWatch Approved

With the FlowerWatch Approved certification and subscription program, your company converts data into sustainable business value. You will optimize your flower quality, operational efficiency, and cold chain management, improve staff skills and job quality, and reduce reject numbers, waste, CO2 emissions, and cost. Your margins will improve, while your end consumers will enjoy quality flowers with a guaranteeable vase life. Whether you are a grower, buyer, or logistics provider, by working with your partners, you can realize these wins across the entire supply chain.  

KPIs for every quality maker or breaker in the chain

As a FlowerWatch Approved subscriber and certificate holder, you benefit from solid floriscience and our many years of testing and refining science-based Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs cover every factor in the supply chain that can influence flower quality. From growing, harvest and postharvest practices to packaging and shipping, from cultivar-specific causes of wilting and discoloring to cold storage. The methods we use to monitor and continuously improve your performance on all KPIs include facility audits, on-site and online training, freight-proof data loggers, cold chain analyses and Score Cards, vase life tests, and more.

Make world-class quality your standard

We provide each FlowerWatch Approved subscriber with a set of FlowerWatch Quality Standards in which all KPIs relevant to your specific business are integrated. With the KPIs in place, you benefit from our constant monitoring, guidance and audits, aimed at helping you to make world-class quality the norm in your company. The value you create through this systematic process of quality standardization and continuous improvement is represented by the FlowerWatch Approved label. As a certified participant, you can use the label as a marketing asset, for example on your website, social media or packaging.

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The ultimate quality key: the FlowerWatch Degree Hour Norm

A fundamental scientific concept underpinning the success of our program is the FlowerWatch® Degree Hour Norm. The Degree Hour Norm, developed by our scientists and field workers,  prescribes a maximum time/temperature exposure for flowers from farm-to-florist. Our experiences with the concept offer overwhelming evidence that degree hours are the cardinal factor in improving both flower quality and overall supply chain performance: implementing even the simplest measures to comply with the Degree Hour Norm positively and significantly impacts every other aspect of the chain.

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