FlowerWatch Services

A subscription tailored to your company's needs

With a FlowerWatch Quality Standards subscription for your business, you can stop fixing random leaks and start building absolute, optimized results. We exclusively offer customized subscriptions. This means we take into account all your improvement potential, whether in terms of growing, post-harvest practices, storage, packaging, or logistics. Your subscription also includes whatever monitoring and training your company needs, and is tailored to the type of company you are, the plants or flowers you deal with, your partners, and your distance to market.  

'Rather than helping individual players save or make money by improving their quality, our standards help entire supply chains to reach higher by jointly maintaining excellence. Quality is the means, optimization is the end. '

Jeroen van der Hulst, Managing Director of FlowerWatch

Optimized packaging by default

FlowerWatch Quality Standards cover everything from packaging, temperature, transport time, and degree hours to harvest practices, post-harvest treatment, cold chain management,  and storage. For example, the packaging solution we have developed as a part of our standardization vastly improves efficiency and margins, while reducing packaging materials and waste, rejects, and labor.

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Subscription benefits

  • Access to quality standards covering every possible leak in your link in the supply chain 

  • Separate and detailed standards for Growers, Forwarders, Traders & Retailers

  • Help in implementing quality standards in your organization on the basis of a baseline measurement, hands-on training, and clear, measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Continuous monitoring with monthly reports for data-driven decision making 

  • Vase-life testing with four-weekly (video) reports and 'certificate of good behavior'

  • Benchmarking with the rest of your chain / industry 

  • Digital and / or on-site support, depending on needs and circumstances 

  • Accreditation and guaranteeable quality & vase life 


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