A new standard in global floriculture

Standardization is transforming the flower industry worldwide. By adopting science-based, achievable, and measurable norms for your products, cold chain and supply chain management, your company can join the transformation. With standardization, you will ensure optimized performance and contribute to a future-proof supply chain .

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Keeping quality & vaselife at the highest level

Logistics in the flower industry have hardly changed in 50 years. Today, it is a multi-billion dollar industry - with no supply chain standards. The resulting underperformance is stark: while the quality of 70 to 80% of today's fresh-cut flower is acceptable, 20% falls short due to supply chain issues. The solution: industry-wide standardization with our easy-to-implement, subscription-based FlowerWatch Quality Standards for global flower and pot plant supply chains. 

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Stop chasing after excellence, start demonstrating it

Is your business constantly striving for excellence and not quite making it? FlowerWatch can help you reverse your tactic: instead of endless troubleshooting in the pursuit of excellence, we offer a system based on confirmation of excellence. A customized subscription to our quality standards with guarantee consistent, first-rate performance the whole year round. 

Specialized standards for growers, forwarders, traders & retailers

Our standards were developed to cover every link in every global supply chain. We focus especially on growers, forwarders, traders & retailers. Over the years, we have enabled many of them worldwide to achieve impressive results:

  •  Reduced waste and rejection rates 
  • Higher transport volumes for the same price
  • Measurably improved quality and vase life
  • More satisfied customers, better reviews 
  • Better margins 

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From underperformance to excellence

Despite exciting growth opportunities, today's global flower industry is characterized by systematic underperformance, and suboptimal, yet tolerated, performance levels. Looking for change? Read our whitepaper on how standardization is benefiting industry leaders.

Explore the real possibility of change: download our whitepaper, 'Setting a new standard in global floriculture'

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Helping industry leaders improve their game

At FlowerWatch, we build on extensive global experience in helping some of the industry's leading players maintain top performance levels. In many cases, larger players will encourage the rest of their supply chain to adopt FlowerWatch Quality Standards, ensuring maximum quality and margins for everyone. Customers we have worked with include: