Upcoming open trainings

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We are a renowned training company in the floriculture industry, we have developed a series of training modules, assisting your team to upgrade their standards and take on the competition. The course comprises of 5 modules whereby each module is carried out as a day workshop. This provides opportunity to work in teams, exchange experience and develop a multi-disciplinary way of working.


22nd November 2019 - Naivasha

- Selecting a box design that can enhance efficient cooling and maintain flower quality.

- Compare Kenya’s packaging to competitors in the market such as South America and the Netherlands.

- Insight to box manufacturing and the reception of Kenya packaging in the market.

- Cost implications on flower quality.

- Volumetric weight concept and its cost implications.



4th December 2019 - Naivasha


- Insight to flower respiration and the theory behind it.

- The temperature fluctuation throughout the supply chain.

- Quality and value of flowers in relation to temperature.

- Calculating value gain or loss through the concept of degree hours.

- Influence of temperature on vase life, botrytis and ethylene. 

- This will be emphasized through practical experiments showing the effect of temperature